Family Selection Criteria

Family Selection Criteria

The following is an outline of the factors and requirements that will be considered when evaluating applications from potential Habitat homeowners.

Housing Need: This is the primary consideration for selection. "Housing need" is to be interpreted broadly and includes overcrowding, structural or mechanical defects, excessive cost, and unsafe neighborhood environment.

Ability to Repay: The criteria include the following:

1) That the applicant family earns less than the maximum family income, listed below:

2) That there is sufficient income to make monthly mortgage payments. (How much do the homes cost?)

3) That the applicant can make a down payment of approximately $2,000 prior to occupancy of the house.

4) That there is a favorable debt history, or that efforts to resolve any unfavorable credit are being made.

5) That there has been satisfactory management of any bankruptcy filed within the last 7 years; however, bankruptcy filed within the last 24 months will result in an application's automatic disqualification.

6) That the applicant’s monthly debt-to-income ratio does not exceed 40%. (Debt includes projected mortgage payment.)

7) Applicant must have two years of continuous employment in the same job or company.

8) Bad debt must be under $500 and current debt must be very low.

Willingness to Participate in the Habitat Program: An applicant must be able to fulfill the following:

1) Weekly assistance in the construction of his/her home. Single head of household applicants must contribute a minimum of 250 hours of sweat equity. Double head of household applicants must contribute a minimum of 300 hours. In cases of disability, alternative tasks will be assigned.

2) Participation in a series of homeowner training workshops.

Residency: Applicant families must be either permanent residents or citizens of the United States. Applicants must have resided in Miami-Dade County for twelve months prior to applying with Habitat.

Nondiscrimination: Family selection will be made without regard to race, gender, religion, ethnicity, marital status, or any other category for which discrimination in housing transactions is illegal.

Habitat for Humanity is an Equal Housing Opportunity provider. All applicants will be considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected status.