Help Wanted

The ReStore is constantly seeking volunteers, including those with specialized skills like electricians and carpenters.

General Volunteer

Nothing more than a willing heart and willing hands!


May include helping to unload donations from vehicles, moving items to the store floor, assisting
in pricing items, assisting in creating displays, greeting customers and answering questions,
reorganizing and cleaning departments, helping customers to their vehicle with their new
purchases, etc.

Furniture Repairer

Light carpentry skills.

Helping to fix cosmetic and light structural defects on donated items, including refinishing,
retouching, and otherwise repairing light damage.  You can be the difference between an
item going to a good home and one that goes to the landfill!

Electrical skills

Rewiring donated electrical appliances, including lamps, air conditioners, stoves,
washers and dryers.

How to Volunteer:
Contact the Volunteer Department at (305) 634-3628 or Bianca [dot] Perez [at] miamihabitat [dot] org.


Featured Volunteer: Robert Molendyk

Robert Molendyk is good with his hands. He always has been; growing
up in a farming community in Southwest Montana, he had to be.

Now retired, Robert donates those skilled hands two days a week –
every week – to the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Miami ReStore.

As a boy, he helped fix farm equipment and machinery, and repaired
old buildings.  As a young adult, Robert used his fix-it skills to pay
his way through high school and college.  Now he is the Miami
ReStore’s go-to handyman, repairing everything from donated
furniture to the ReStore itself. Read More
Be like Bob

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can volunteer at the ReStore?
A:  Anyone age 16 and over. Ages 16-17 must be accompanied by an adult 21 years and over. Each volunteer aged 16-17 must also bring a signed Parental Permission Form. No previous Habitat or retail experience is necessary.

Q: Can I bring a group along?
A: Of course! We ask that all volunteer groups be scheduled with the ReStore in advance.
Please contact the Volunteer Department at (305) 634-3628 or Bianca [dot] Perez [at] miamihabitat [dot] org for group scheduling.

Q: How does my time help Habitat?
A: Every task a volunteer does replaces the time of a paid staff. This means that you are
keeping our overhead cost down, and allowing us to give more of the money spent at the
ReStore to Habitat!

Q: I have a special skill but I don't see it listed in the “Help Wanted” section. How can I help
using that skill?
A: Contact Bianca Perez at (305) 634-3628 or Bianca [dot] Perez [at] miamihabitat [dot] org. And remember, even if
your particular skill isn’t applicable to the work being done at the ReStore, Miami Habitat has a
wealth of volunteer opportunities for every skill set.

Volunteer Department: (305) 634-3628 | Bianca [dot] Perez [at] miamihabitat [dot] orgMiami Habitat ReStore Facebook